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General information

Registration - Forumrules
Why do I have to register myself?
How is the forum developed?
Are Cookies used?
What do signature and Avatar mean?
What do the rank titles mean?
What are private messages?
What are the favorites?
Can I subscribe forums?
How does my experience in the forum build itself up?
What means online time?

Use the forum

Can I register dates?
How do I use the HRC codes?
How can I add smilies?
How can I answer with a quotation?
How do I start an inquiry?
Do I receive email notifications if to me was answered?


What are the auxiliary boxes?
Tree or board structure?
What is the ghost mode?
Can I change my username?


Can I let indicate the newest topics of this forum on my side?
Current forum configuration
About this forum
--- General information ---
Registration - Forumrules
To use all the function of the forum, you have to registrate. As a guest you can read the postings, but they do not answer or start topics. The registration is free and it arises as a result of it no disadvantages for you! You must indicate an email address, but you can however decide whether it is public visible or not.

The administrators and moderators of this forum try themselves to work on postings with doubtful contents as fast as possible or completely to delete, but
it is not possible to check each individual message. You confirm with the mailing of these Declaration of consent that you accept that each contribution in this forum shows the opinion of the author and that the administrators, moderators
and operator of this forum only are responsible for their own contributions.

You commit yourself, no insulting, slandering, force-wonderful-end or from other reasons of punishable contents in this forum to make public. Offences against
this rule supply to immediate and permanent blockage. you agree the operators to work on administrators and moderators of this forum the right to remove postings after own discretion to shift or close. You agree that in the context of the registration the raised data in a data base are stored.

This system uses Cookies, in order to store information on your computer. This Cookies does not contain of the information indicated above, but only to logs in needed. Your Mail address becomes only if necessary. to the dispatch of a new password related. It becomes visible otherwise only by your de-energising for others.
Why do I have to register myself?
To use all functions in this forum, you have to registrate. As a guest you can read the postings, but not answer her or start in genes topics.
The Registration is free of charge and it arises as a result of it no disadvantages for you!
You must indicate an email address, but you can decide if it is visible for the public or not.
How is the forum developed?
There are Kateorien in the forum, in which are the individual boards. In the boards are the topics (Threads).

If there are new answers in a older topic, it will be shown in small left folder-symbols and in the right column "last answer".
Under main navigation still another clickable is according to the pattern "Overview > Category > board > Topic".

Before you start its own topic, look for first times whether not already one existed.
Are Cookies used?
Yes. In the Cookie your member ID is stored. This function may not be deactivated in your Browser or the firewall!
What do signature and Avatar mean?
The signature is penetrate-hung (if available) to your postings. There e.g. one of your many experiences can in it or left to your favourite sides...

The Avatar is a picture under your name is faded in. It should be one that you somehow fits.
What do the rank titles mean?
That is only a small evaluation, how many postings you already wrote.

Number of postings malefemininely Picture
0Hat noch nichts geschriebenHat noch nichts geschrieben
5Neues MitgliedNeues Mitglied
10Treues MitgliedTreues Mitglied
25Fleißiges KerlchenFleißiges Mädchen
100Dr. ForumFr. Dr. Forum
250Lord ForumLady Forum

Special ranks
Description Picture
What are private messages?
As a registered member you can write short messages to other members. Please use these also if you postings see against the forum rules and write it to the moderator. You can email to be sent be able, if someone wrote you. The messages remain 800 days long stored, afterwards they are will be deleted automatically!
What are the favorites?
If a topic particularly interests you, click on . In the small window itself thereupon opened, your favorites are listed. The window is a remote control for the forum, you jumps at the same time thus directly to your favorites-thread. If a Thread were deleted or shifted, he will be deleted automatically from your favoriteslist.
Can I subscribe forums?
Yes. On the starting page and on the Topics overview it gives links for subscribing the board. As soon as a new topic is opened, you will recieve an email notification.
How does my experience in the forum build itself up?
Your experience is dependently from the duration of the membership, the online time and the number of postings. That is the proportional portion of your participation. For the moderator status there is 5% specially and für the Admin 10%. It is thus that the value stands on 100%, it is nearly impossible you is your only member :-)
What means online time?
If you move logged in in the forum, the duration of stopover is along-stored each time. It is indicated in hours. Behind it one sees still that the proportional portion regarding the online time of all members together.
--- Use the forum ---
Can I register dates?
Dates can be put on only by the Admins and moderators. Normal members have the possibility to send in dates. These must be activated then still by the Admin.
How do I use the HRC codes?
Where one can use it, appropriate Buttons is available which the code into the text field to write. This code however always stands at the end of the text. Around e.g. with one changing the code in the center of the text insert, being able by means of copying and pasting by the text concerned is marked. The code leaves itself also at any time manually types. That is also necessary with a nesting, if e.g. a picture with a left (banner)is to be occupied.

Those are the individual codes for pictures and links:


Around the desired effect to obtain they must be changed in such a way:


The same principle applies with interlocked text formatting. The following text appears fat and underlined:
[u][b]Text[/b][/u] becomes to Text.

A list of all used HRC codes:
HRCMeaning (becomes to)
[b]Text[/b]fat Text
[u]Text[/u]underlined text
[i]Text[/i]cursiv text
[img]http://www.domain.de/bild.jpg[/img]absolutely URL to a picture
[zitat]Replace text[/zitat]Appears framed with a quotation answer.
[code]Insert sourcecode[/code]This text appears in <pre> </pre> - tags

If additional codes were provided, you find these in the Pulldownmenue under the Standardbuttons.
How can I add smilies?
Here it goes exactly the same. Clicks simply on the Smilie. In order it not at the end of a text, but in the center to fill in, can be entered the code also manually. Here again a list:



Additive smilies in a specially window:

How can I answer with a quotation?
Once you can click on "Quote", then the entire text of the contribution is loaded into your answer. Over with a long contribution however only the core statement to meet uses at the best quotation Button and copies the passage in the text then between [zitat] and [/zitat].
How do I start an inquiry?
An inquiry can be opened only in connection with a new topic. To the topic can be answered completely normal. The voting take place independently from it. The Voting can be after-edited afterwards together with the topic.
Do I receive email notifications if to me was answered?
There is the option in this forum "Mail to all". This is deactivated the following persons received an emailnotification after an answer: The Admin, the moderator of the board, the topic starter and the last writer. If a topic contains 10 answers, the writers in the center/between them no notification get. If the option is activated, everyone receives an email. The emailnotification can be switched off however under your user attitudes completely.
--- Adjustments ---
What are the auxiliary boxes?
Additional boxes can be indicated let on the right side. These contain information to the last postings, top of forums, user-online, last online and a calendar. The Admin can meet the pre-setting whether these according to standard are faded in or not. Under "Adjustments" this pre-setting for the momentary attendance can be overwritten. If the HP House portal is installed, these boxes are no longer available.
Tree or board structure?
This option can likewise under "Adjustments" are changed. There is a pre-setting also here on the part of the Admins.
What is the ghost mode?
As spirit one surft, if the online status is not shown. It is then not indicated the username, but only "One ghost online".
Can I change my username?
This function must be activated by Admin. See in addition in the current forum configuration below.
--- Infos ---
Can I let indicate the newest topics of this forum on my side?
Yes. If the administrator permitted it, the 10 newest topics in a RDF file are written.

Insert the following code into your side
Current forum configuration
Mail to alldeactivated
Auxiliary boxesdeactivated
Tree structuredeactivated
Name changedeactivated
Spam blocker (Sec.)0
No new entries New entries Forum/Topic closed
more than 30 answers or 100 times read more than 30 answers or 100 times read Moderator board
Group board Group board - New entries Moderator board - New entries
Add topic to the favorites Forum scan Show unanswered topics
Write email Visit homepage contact by AIM
send private message Show profil contact by ICQ
Show last topic To the start of page Show next topic
Write answer Write quotation answer Print Posting/Topic
Infothread contact by MSN Messanger Start new topic
Subscribe a board Switch to tree structure Switch to linear topic opinion
Show new postings Further-recommend a topic    
About this forum
Numaeks Forum V4.1.0 - Release: 4.9.2005
The forum is Freeware and can be downloaded at www.numaek.de (as well as many further PHP scripts). If you wishes further information, visit the support forum at http://www.numaek.de/forum.php. A special thanks goes to HP-House for testing the new version and programming some hacks, which were integrated starting from version 2.0. Likewise for providing a suitable portal for this forum. Further thanks goes to Twoface for the avatar hack, which were integrated too and tutaeks for many ideas to new functions.

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