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Willkommen im Support Forum

Registration - Forumrules

To use all the function of the forum, you have to registrate. As a guest you can read the postings, but they do not answer or start topics. The registration is free and it arises as a result of it no disadvantages for you! You must indicate an email address, but you can however decide whether it is public visible or not.

The administrators and moderators of this forum try themselves to work on postings with doubtful contents as fast as possible or completely to delete, but it is not possible to check each individual message. You confirm with the mailing of these Declaration of consent that you accept that each contribution in this forum shows the opinion of the author and that the administrators, moderators and operator of this forum only are responsible for their own contributions.

You commit yourself, no insulting, slandering, force-wonderful-end or from other reasons of punishable contents in this forum to make public. Offences against this rule supply to immediate and permanent blockage. you agree the operators to work on administrators and moderators of this forum the right to remove postings after own discretion to shift or close. You agree that in the context of the registration the raised data in a data base are stored.

This system uses Cookies, in order to store information on your computer. This Cookies does not contain of the information indicated above, but only to logs in needed. Your Mail address becomes only if necessary. to the dispatch of a new password related. It becomes visible otherwise only by your de-energising for others.

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